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Onboard with us and make your brand ready for the new world. Our expertise and products has helped brands take a step into the future web by getting them 3D ready. Our product is built with the future consumers in mind through 4 main factors.

Mobile first

We believe technology is in your hands and the future of e-commerce is one tap away. Therefore we have focused on creating the best experience through our mobile app that is easily deployable.

Interactive discovery

Create quest and gamification that can help drive footfall and interaction allowing your customers to learn more about your products in a fun way!


Identity. The future generation is all about expression through fashion and having your own identity. Our product helps brands connect with consumers easier through Skins and trendy avatar customisation


Our content is always social media ready. Take a step into the future of digital influencers and 3D marketing. Faster, cheaper , and better.

What you will get

Personalised your brand

into 3D world


Avatar management

Your avatar, your identity, your brand

Inventory management

Give consumers access to track your latest products, purchases and explore looks.

Rewards system

Rewarding consumers with skins, community building through collection and real-life utility.


Gaming campaign

Unlock a new level of engagement with gaming-powered retail campaigns

Interactive Engagement

Boost engagement with interactive experiences that is proven to keep your consumers staying longer.

Brand Education

Gamification is a way to make the education process more engaging and interactive, and it can be used to educate customers about a brand's products, services, values, and culture.


3D Asset & Environment Curation

Create a captivating virtual shopping experience for your customers with our specialized 3D Asset & Environment Curation services

Environment curation

Immerse your audience in visually stunning, realistic and seamlessly curated virtual worlds with our 3D Environment Curation services.

Asset curation

Maximize the visual impact of your products with our 3D Product Asset Curation services for a compelling customer experience.


Holistic E-commerce

Elevate your online retail store to new heights with our e-commerce platform, providing a seamless and personalized shopping experience for customers


Simplify sales and boost your online retail business with our Shopify-powered e-commerce platform for easy use and maximum customer engagement.

Exclusive marketplace

Gain access to an exclusive marketplace of top-quality products and services with our platform, for a unique and curated shopping experience.


Data Analytics

Make data-driven decisions and optimize your retail performance with our advanced retail analytics solution, delivering actionable insights and real-time metrics

Heat map

understand customer behavior and preferences and can help you personalize the shopping experience to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Unity data tracking

Track data through Unity's analytics tracks customer engagement in virtual stores to optimize layout for increased Engagement.


Poplab virtual world

Tap onto Poplab’s mobile world that gives access to anyone and everyone

Go Global

Virtual worlds can be accessible from anywhere, at any time, which allows customers to shop at their convenience.

Cost saving

Virtual worlds can reduce the costs associated with physical stores, such as rent, utilities, and maintenance.


Augmented Reality

Tap onto the future of digital activation through AR

Unlock your product

Create interactive 3D with our AR feature to drive engagement and brand activation.

Track data

Understand your consumers better through active AR data tracking that uncovers insights through your product.


3D Marketing

Deploy 3D marketing campaigns easily with us

Social driven

Use our 3D marketing to create timeless 3D marketing campaigns that are easily deployed to social media.

Tackle the next generation

Gen-Z’s and the future consumers are highly engaged in 3D visuals. Speak to the next generation through our marketing platform that is easily deployable and more cost efficient.

How to onboard

Onboard with us

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Our team of experts will work closely with yours to create a tailored 3D journey to tackle all your marketing needs



Launch the carefully curated campaign and get ready to stay ahead of the game with us

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What is a 3D marketing solution?

A 3D marketing solution is a package of services and technologies that a company can use to create and implement 3D marketing campaigns. This can include virtual and augmented reality experiences, 3D product visualizations, and 3D scanning and modeling. The solution also include analytics to track the performance of the campaigns, and adjustment accordingly.

How much does a 3D marketing solution cost?

The cost of a 3D marketing solution can vary depending on the specific solution and the scope of the project. It's important to work with a provider to understand the cost breakdown and what is included in the solution.

How does a 3D marketing solution help my business?

A 3D marketing solution can help your business to create and implement engaging and effective 3D marketing campaigns, increase sales, and promote your products and services in new ways. The solution can also help you to increase customer engagement, track and analyze campaign performance, and optimize your marketing efforts over time.

Can my virtual campaign link with my physical campaign?

Yes! We have over 2 decades of experience helping retailers transform their camapaigns through physical and digital activation. Our sister company, PopperAsia will be part of the process.

What kind of technologies are included in a 3D marketing solution?

A 3D marketing solution can include a variety of technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, 3D scanning and modeling, and 3D animation. It also can include platforms to host and deliver the campaign, data analytics software and tools.

How long does it take to deploy a campaign?

Campaigns can start from 2 weeks and up to 1.5 months after testing to deploy. Please reach out to our solution consultant to plan out the timing let your project come to life!