Retailtainment PlatformCreating brand engagement through 3D gamified customer experiences.

Our Essence Poplab provides a platform for brands to deliver O2O retailtainment that provides entertainment, brand education, community building, e-retail and data analytics. As a result, Poplab creates O2O touch-points and spaces for the community to discover, explore as well as acquirePopular Culture Merchandise.

Four key issues brands faces that Poplab solves entering the 3D world

Customise exclusive 3D assets

Today's 3D platforms are slow and generic to deploy. They do no represent the brand’s identity and engage consumers in the right way.

Current platforms lack retail experience

Most 3D platforms were build by gamers for gamers. With our years of experience running retail activation and marketing, we understand how to connect with your customers through 3D.

3D platforms lack connection to real world

Current 3D offerings lack a journey to connect to the physical stores. Our platform and expertise in physical retail allows us to tackle the journey through 3D easily.

Providing data analitycs to improve experience

Data journey are missing from current 3D engagement offerings that can help brands buildbetter 3D experience.


What’s next

from Poplab

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Dec 2022

Poplab campaign platform modules and engine development

Constantly building, constantly innovating to bring you better retail experiences.

Feb 2023

Nationwide marketing campaigns

Launching nationwide marketing campaigns with some OG retail brands that have join the journey in moving to the next web.

Mar 2023

Mall Takeovers

Our retail platforms will be deployed across multiple malls in SEA starting with Singapore and Vietnam.

Apr 2023

Crazy campaign and launch of phygital products

We are working with a 2 leading toy makers to bring your favourite characters to life giving you more than what you purchase. Stay tune!

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